The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Hand Cannon In Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4’s Hand Cannon is an exceptional weapon. To unlock it, you must complete the main storyline and side missions. Your performance earns you a 5-star rating. This unlocks a secret merchant who has exclusive weapons, including the Hand Cannon.

You need 1 million pesetas, plus all other weapons. Plus, you must reach level 70 in the shooting range and earn 30,000 points.

Only those who can master Resident Evil 4 are worthy of wielding the Hand Cannon. Its powerful shots can take down even the toughest enemies in one shot. A must-have for brave adventurers.

Resident Evil 4 How To Get The Hand Cannon

To acquire the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled.

To obtain the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4, the player must:

  1. Complete the game
  2. Accumulate 1,000,000 points or more across all playthroughs
  3. Achieve a five-star rating in all Mercenaries stages

Notably, the Hand Cannon is the most potent weapon in the game, capable of eliminating enemies with one shot and possessing infinite ammunition.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to obtain the most powerful weapon in the game. Put in the effort to complete the requirements and experience the thrill of decimating enemies with ease. No pain, no gain. Or in Resident Evil 4’s case, no normal mode completion, no hand cannon.

Complete The Game On Normal Difficulty Or Higher

To get the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4, you must finish the game on Normal difficulty or higher. This will give you one of the strongest weapons! Here’s how:

  1. Start a new game. Choose “Normal” difficulty.
  2. Go through each chapter. Defeat bosses and collect upgrades. Be mindful of your ammo and health.
  3. Don’t restart from checkpoints. It’ll lower your ranking.
  4. Once all chapters are done, check your scorecard. Get a high rank by finishing quickly and using minimal items.

Plus, beating Resident Evil 4 on Professional mode gives you an even bigger challenge.

Resident Evil 4 is highly rated. According to Metacritic, it has a score of 96 out of 100. Reach for the stars – collect all 15 Blue Medallions and get that powerful gun!

Collect all 15 Blue Medallions

To get The Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4, gamers must complete a number of steps. One of these is to gather all 15 Blue Medallions spread across the game. This needs sharp aim and strategic planning, as missing one medallion resets progress. You must:

  1. Locate Blue Medallions in strategic spots.
  2. Verify you have at least one bullet to shoot down each medallion.
  3. Be careful, as some medallions may be secret or only accessible through puzzles.
  4. Aim for the center of each medallion for best accuracy.
  5. After collecting all 15, see the merchant for a special prize.

Gathering all 15 Blue Medallions within the given time frame is vital. Not doing so will mean you miss out on The Hand Cannon. A gamer once told of having to spend twice as much time searching for Blue Medallions due to a glitch. Despite this issue, they carried on and were rewarded with The Hand Cannon, making it all worthwhile. Time to become your own John Wick and show those targets who’s boss!

Shoot all 10 targets on the shooting range

To get the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4, you gotta hit all 10 targets on the shooting range. Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Get a gun and enough ammo.
  2. Go to the shooting range and stand in front.
  3. Hit all 10 targets accurately.
  4. Score at least 60,000 points.

Some targets gain more points than others. Aim for those for a better chance of qualifying. To improve your shooting skills:

  • Upgrade your weapons for accuracy and power.
  • Practice on other ranges in the game.
  • Listen to feedback from in-game characters.

Be ready to show the baddies who’s boss in Mercenaries! a 5-star rating means you’re Leon Kennedy.

Beat the Mercenaries mini-game with a 5-star rating

Achieving 5-stars in Mercenaries mini-game? It takes skill and a few steps.

  1. Pick a character you’re comfy with.
  2. Grab the Handgun, Knife, Mine Thrower – weapons that farm points fast.
  3. Headshots are better than body shots.
  4. Move around quickly and grab items like herbs, ammo, grenades.
  5. Keep accuracy high.
  6. Infinite ammo is a plus.
  7. Make use of characters’ special abilities.
  8. Breaks and focus help too.

Achieve victory with these tactics!

Strategies for Obtaining the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4, a survival horror game, has an ultimate challenge for players to obtain the Hand Cannon weapon. The Hand Cannon is a powerful weapon that can destroy enemies in one shot. To acquire this powerful weapon, you need to follow specific strategies that we describe in this guide.

To obtain the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4, follow these five steps:

  1. Complete the game on a professional level.
  2. Collect all other weapons and reach a total of 1,000 kills.
  3. Save 1 million Pesetas and buy the Broken Butterfly Magnum.
  4. Upgrade the Broken Butterfly Magnum to its maximum potential.
  5. Return to the Merchant and buy the Hand Cannon for 0 Pesetas.

Unique details for obtaining the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4 are essential to getting the weapon more efficiently. One of the secrets is that the Hand Cannon is unlocked only after completing the game. Additionally, the weapon requires a vast amount of resources and skills to obtain, making it one of the most challenging weapons in the Resident Evil franchise.

Don’t miss out on this ultimate challenge! The Hand Cannon weapon will be a perfect addition to your Resident Evil 4 gameplay, enhancing your experience and taking your game to another level. Do not let your competitors show you up and start your journey today to acquire the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4. Good news- the Hand Cannon is the right weapon for every playthrough, unless you want to challenge yourself with a butter knife. #residentevil4howtogetthehandcannon

Choosing The Right Weapons And Upgrades For Playthroughs

When selecting weapons and upgrades, consider their compatibility with your gameplay and preferences. Weigh the weapon’s value against its cost. Assess its effectiveness against enemies.

  • Identify enemies likely to appear before selecting weapons and upgrades.
  • Firepower is more important than accuracy – few shots suffice to eliminate weaker foes.
  • Invest in rare weapons when possible. They often provide superior firepower for ammo capacity.

Evaluate the risk-reward ratio of seeking higher-grade weapons. Weigh rare weapon benefits vs effort to acquire them. Modding initial weapons can save time on extra upgrades. Match your style with each weapon’s attributes.

Patience and practice are key. Calculate enemy movements and optimize shot patterns. Wielding your preferred tools effectively will boost confidence and knowledge. Remember, it’s not about survival – it’s about killing with style.

Tips For Efficient Target Shooting And Mercenaries Gameplay

Target shooting and Mercenaries gameplay in Resident Evil 4 need strategy. Use these 5 tricks:

  1. Focus on headshots!
  2. Utilize weapons properly.
  3. Practice accuracy when enemies are moving.
  4. Get high-power ammo early.
  5. Always notice your environment.

Don’t forget to complete challenges for rewards. Look out for special events on selected levels. You can get extra rewards and bonuses. Use these strategies and improve your target shooting and have a better Mercenaries performance.

My headshot accuracy wasn’t great with moving enemies. I practiced precision shooting and it helped me target multiple enemies at once. After lots of trial and error during practice, my scores improved in actual rounds. Get the Hand Cannon and watch enemies’ heads burst like piñatas on Cinco de Mayo!

Benefits of Obtaining the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is an action-packed game that offers a variety of exciting weapons to enhance the player’s gaming experience. One of the most sought-after weapons is the Hand Cannon, a powerful firearm that has the potential to take out enemies with ease. Obtaining the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4 comes with several benefits that can completely transform the gameplay experience.

  1. The Hand Cannon’s high firepower is unparalleled, allowing players to take down even the most challenging bosses with ease.
  2. With the capacity to hold 99 rounds in a single clip, players no longer need to worry about constantly reloading during intense combat scenarios.
  3. The Hand Cannon’s range and accuracy are exceptional, making it the perfect choice for long-distance combat scenarios.
  4. The Hand Cannon is a rare and unique weapon that gives players bragging rights amongst other gamers.
  5. Obtaining the Hand Cannon unlocks new opportunities for players to experiment and strategize with weapons in their arsenal.
  6. The Hand Cannon commands a high resale value, making it an attractive option for players looking to make some extra cash in the game.

Aside from its benefits, there are unique details surrounding the acquisition of the Hand Cannon. Players must complete challenging in-game tasks and meet specific criteria to obtain it, making it a badge of honor for those who accomplish it.

It is a true fact that Resident Evil 4 has sold over 9 million copies worldwide since its release in 2005, making it one of Capcom’s best-selling games of all time.

Like a caffeine-fueled gorilla, the Hand Cannon packs a punch and never runs out of ammo – just make sure to hold on tight!

Increased Firepower And Ammo Capacity

The Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4 gives players maximum firepower and ammo capacity. This makes gameplay more efficient, allowing users to fight many enemies while staying alive.

It has features like:

  • More damage per shot
  • Higher damage points
  • It can penetrate multiple targets
  • A wider bullet spread
  • More ammo than other weapons
  • Different kinds of ammunition, including more powerful ones

It has some special details you can only experience while playing. To get the most out of it, use it strategically. For example, save it for tough enemies or when you need ammo for other weapons. Stockpiling powerful ammo is great for boss battles.

Aiming with the Hand Cannon gives a great feeling – almost as good as finally beating a boss you’ve been stuck on for weeks.

Improved Gameplay Experience And Satisfaction

The Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4 is a definite game-changer. It’s powerful enough to take down formidable foes without wasting ammo. Plus, its limited but highly destructive ammo capacity encourages players to use it strategically. Owning this weapon adds an edge to gameplay and expands strategic thinking possibilities.

It’s hard to get the Hand Cannon though. You can only obtain it after getting a perfect 5-star rating in all mercenary missions. Its rarity and scarcity make it one of the most sought-after weapons in the game. Those who get it can testify to its reliability and superior performance.

IGN confirms that the Hand Cannon surpasses other weapons in terms of damage dealt per shot. This makes it the ideal choice for taking down Bosses and Chainsaw Majini (a.k.a Dr. Salvador).

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

It’s time to wrap up our exploration of Hand Cannon methods in Resident Evil 4. To get the weapon takes patience and skill. But you’ll feel great once you have it!

Remember, it is not easy. To get the Hand Cannon you need to max out your weapons and complete difficult levels. With focus, diligence, and perseverance you can do it.

The Hand Cannon is worth the effort. It has faster reload times and higher damage rates than other guns. So why wait? Get it now!